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In 2015 we were two twenty-somethings searching for answers and advice as we navigated our post-grad years. We began writing and those words began to form sheTribe Newsletter. In our newsletter (still) we interview women who inspire us, answer questions that we should know the answer to but don’t (like WTF is the difference between a 401K and a Roth IRA?), and highlight products and charities that impact our lives.

Along the way, an online community of women began to form all over the world. We continued to hear 1 piece of feedback: women wished they had this sooner. This sparked an idea and in a coffee shop in Chicagoland, sheTribe U was born! The sheTribe community now lives online as well as offline on college campuses. Our mission? To help raise the next generation of women to be empowered, inspired, and educated on how the eff to be an adult. 

middle child. go-getter.
dancing queen.

  • ◊ My friends call me: AI, AG
  • ◊ Superlative: Class Clown
  • ◊ Hometown: Suburbs of Chicago
  • ◊ My favorite app: Postmates
  • ◊ Freakishly good at: Hip hop dancing
  • ◊ Freakishly bad at: Jumping and drinking water
  • ◊ Words To Live By: Stay weird!

hufflepuff. croissant connoisseur.
binge-watching extraordinaire.

  • ◊ My friends call me: Hopealla
  • ◊ Superlative: Most likely to have dry shampoo on hand
  • ◊ Hometown: Los Angeles
  • ◊ My favorite app: Podcasts app
  • ◊ Freakishly good at: Being a human ice breaker
  • ◊ Freakishly bad at: Mental math
  • ◊ Words To Live By: You are the CEO of your own life. Act accordingly.

aries. powered by caffeine.
silly is my middle name.

  • ◊ My friends call me: JP, JustJamie
  • ◊ Superlative: Most likely to laugh at my own jokes
  • ◊ Hometown: Lincolnshire, IL
  • ◊ My favorite app: VSCO
  • ◊ Freakishly good at: Planning
  • ◊ Freakishly bad at: Being on time
  • ◊ Words To Live By: As Michael Scott says, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

Listen, we get it.

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